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It is not about Now or Later


Is this a valid question and concern?

I begin to ponder as to whether the current govt in 2018 could impose a decision to the future govt?

Based on the votes for the Budget yesterday, is it a MUST that the future govt MUST increase GST by 2% (not 2.01% or anything else) between 2021 and 2025 regardless of rain or shine?????

If the future govt could pass new resolutions to override the decision today, then why include it in the decision package in the first place?

Why is GST hike of 2% included in the decision package? Since we got time, why dont we work it thru a series of national dialogues from today to convince the people.

After this due process and by the time the GST hike is really needed in future, then it would be and should be done without much fuss.

For me, I am for announcing, sharing and discussing your plan as early as possible.

Any views?

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