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About – The Firm

Our Firm

Established in 2008, Asiaf1rst has advanced from a traditional accounting firm to one delivering a full range of services tailored to the needs of privately held businesses and small to medium-sized entities.

Our professionals are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. With experience in from serving the multinational corporates to family owned and operated entities across a variety of industries, our professionals are intent on helping you and your business achieve success and realise your ambitions.

Whether we are acting as dedicated accounting expertise, advising on funding a business, looking into tax issues, or restructuring a business, meeting our clients’ objectives through practical solutions based on our values of integrity, reliability and personal attention is our aim.  We are able to combine the knowledge and experience of our local marketplace with your business needs.

Over the years, many of our long-term clients graduated from a one-man office to become large enterprises today. We are proud to have played an integral part in their success journey.

Our promise to you, “Nothing is done till it is done. We go beyond numbers for you and your business.”

Contact us today to take your first step in your entrepreneurial endeavours.

Our Partners
Asiaf1rst works closely together with our following partners and professional practices to deliver the complete service range to you.

  • Audit Trust PAC
  • QuickBooks
  • Rose Capital Asia Sdn Bhd
  • RMS Corporate Services Pte Ltd
  • TY Teoh International
  • Xero


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