SoftBank – Did you pay your fair share of tax?

A friend sent me this article from Nikkei Asia entitled “A Taxing Problem” written by Kawase, Miyakawa, and Suzuki recently. Essentially the article is trying to address the question as to why SoftBank, being once Japan’s most profitable company, pays so little tax. My understanding and conclusion after reading the article are as follows. Softbank, […]

ACCA – Budget 2022, Singapore

I am happy to contribute to ACCA’s annual discussion of Budget 2022. Please have a read.

Hi! I was the Symposium Chair

State of loan market in Sg

State of loan market in Sg

State of the loan market is an indication of the future of Singapore? Some would borrow to fund a future they could see.Some would borrow to pay for the past.For the rest, they will not dare to go near the banks.Interest is daily thingy.With or without income/business, the interest is accumulating and payable eventually.

Budget 2020 – Business Leaders’ Wishlists

Putting support measures for virus situation aside, the upcoming Budget 2020 should also address longer-term issues such as economic transformation, digitalisation, the environment, and the ageing population, said business leaders.

Indranee Rajah – more clues?

ST 06 Feb 2020 Budget to include measures to cope with coronavirus, and support business, workers, families: Indranee Rajah Indranee Rajah, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Finance, said that the Budget for 2020 will contain measures such as:- helping companies and workers transform supporting families in coping with the cost […]

Budget 2020 – What are the people’s concerns?

ST 05 Feb 2020 Budget 2020: GST hike, climate change, help for seniors, workers and families are top concerns Based from the findings released by the government feedback unit Reach and People’s Association (PA), support for workers, seniors, and families were among the top concerns of Singaporeans. Other issues also include the impending increase in […]

Lawrence Wong – more clues?

BT 03 Feb 2020 Firms may get interim help ahead of Budget virus support package: Lawrence Wong Prior to the announcement of the Budget for 2020, Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong, co-chair of the multi-ministry taskforce on the novel coronavirus said that the government will establish measures to assist firms affected by the Wuhan […]

Heng Swee Keat – A clue?

ST 01 Feb 2020 Targeted help for transport, tourism sectors worst hit by Wuhan virus outbreak, ‘strong’ Budget to help workers and slowing economy: Heng Swee Keat In addition to the Budget initiatives addressing a decline in the economic activity, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said that Budget 2020 will also include measures to […]

Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) – Budget 2020 Wishlist

ST 21 Jan 2020 Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), the employers’ group hopes Budget will include wage offsets and funding to defray costs of hiring older workers Employers seek wage offsets in the form of Special Employment Credit (SEC) in response to the higher employment costs associated with increasing retirement age, re-employment age, and higher […]